General questions

I have a question about a product.

Our product description has left a question open?
Send your question just together with the article name via the contact form (below on the page).

We answer your question as soon as possible.
Alternatively, you can also call us Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 14:00:
030 2535 9812

I've forgotten my password.

How good that such stuff not always happen to us :-)
In the login sector, you will find a button "Forgot password" below the input field.

Our system creates a new password sent to the e-mail address stored with us.

Of course you can change the password as soon as you have logged in with it.

My problem is not here anywhere.

Your question is not listed here? Of course, we still find a solution for your problem.
Please simply send us a short message about the contact form below on the page.

How can I give you feedback?

Your opinion is important to us & we look forward to clues, suggestions and criticism.
Please send us your feedback on the contact form below on the page.

Where can I delete my customer account?

If you have no use more for your account, you can of course delete it at any time.
Please send us a corresponding message about the contact form that you find at the bottom of the page.

Questions about the topic payment

I have received a faulty invoice.

Please send us a message about the contact form and also give (next to your name) necessarily your order number. We then like to look at what went wrong.

For system technical reasons, we can no longer correct a once-created invoice, but of course you can get a credit from us.

I would like to change my billing address.

While a subsequent change of the delivery address is not a problem, unfortunately, a reconfigured billing address can no longer be changed.
If the change is urgently needed, please cancel the order and create again with the correct address.

Can I still change the payment method afterwards?

The payment method can unfortunately no longer be changed later.

If a change is urgently needed, please cancel the existing job and create a new order with the changed method of payment.

My order is paid, status is still waiting for payment

If the status of your order is still three working days after transferring still on "waiting for receipt of payment", please send us a short message about the contact form.

The following information help us to edit your request as soon as possible: name, order number and date of the transfer.

My PayPal payment was aborted - how can I pay anyway via PayPal?

If you have selected PayPal as a payment method, you will be forwarded to pay directly to the page of PayPal after completing your order. If the forwarding or the payment process is interrupted once, you can still manually perform the payment via your PayPal account.

To do this, simply click on the "Send money" button in the menu and send the invoice amount to the e-mail address info@lafraiserouge.de. Please enter your order number with "Message to Addressat".

Important: Since this is a manual PayPal payment, we can not automatically record them. You therefore help us very much if you inform us about our contact form below about the payment you made. For this we need the exact number date and your PayPal e-mail address so that we can assign the money entrance accordingly.

What is the bank account of la fraise rouge?

Our bank account for all payments is:

la fraise rouge

Deutsche Bank

6288690 (account number)
10070024 (BLZ)

IBAN: DE85 1007 0024 0628 8690 00

Please always enter the order number for transfers - that makes it very easier for us to assign us.

What is the bank account of Klarna?

If you have selected bill as a method of payment, your payment does not go to us, but to Klarna.
The bank account of Klarna is as follows:

IBAN: DE13760700120500154000
Deutsche Bank AG

Please use when transferring to Klarna exclusively the invoice number as a purpose.

If you have to pay more than a Klarna bill, please refer to all invoices separately.

Why can not I buy on account?

Our financial service provider for all purchases on account is the Klarna AG.

When purchasing on account, Klarna performs an identity and credit check to verify that you can allow a purchase.

During this test, mainly three factors are checked: your previous orders via Klarna, the amount for which you want to order and information from an economic information. It can be due to a combination of different factors if an order could not be carried out.

We from la fraise rouge have no influence on the result and can not forget any information why a transaction was rejected.

If the purchase with Klarna bill could not be carried out, we recommend to choose a different payment method.

Where can I find the bill?

The invoice for your order can be found in the program.
Of course, we can send you the invoice again at any time by e-mail or postally:

If you want so, please send us a message about the contact form you find at the bottom of the page.

Questions about my order

I urgently need my order!

The birthday or baptism are already on this weekend and our standard delivery time is too long?
In this case, send us a message about the contact page at the bottom or call us:

030 2535 9812

We can then discuss if it is possible to prefer your order.

I have a very special wish ... is that possible?

Personalized kindergarten pockets, pillows with names or music boxes with the best wishes for a sweet night's chest - custom-made products are our specialty! If you have a desire for a specific motif for a kindergarten pocket, other fabric combinations are more beautiful or the kids T-shirt would be funnier with your own saying, simply send us a message about our contact form or call us: Together we will find a solution.

Even if you want to apply the name of your child in a certain color or is particularly important to you (maybe in the crown or in the wing of the airplane, or, or, or) - let us know. We talk to us with you and try to create your very personal favorite piece with you.

I have not received an order confirmation.

The order confirmation will be sent automatically by our system. If you do not have any e-mail from us within 12h in the inbox, please check in your spam folder.

Of course, we also like to send you a new order confirmation: Just send us a short message about the contact form at the bottom.

I want to change the shipping address.

Please check the status of your order under "My Account".

If your order is already sent, that does not work anymore.

If this is not the case yet, you can send us the new address via the contact form (down on the page). So that we can assign the change to the same way it is helpful if you give the order number with.
You can find these in both your e-mail in the order confirmation, as well as under "My Account".

I want to send one or more articles back - what do I have to do?

Sometimes you just buy the wrong article - no problem.

If the article fits into an envelope, send it back to us. We do not have a form or return slip. You help us if you add a shapeless piece of paper on which you let us know if you want replacement or refund. In the latter case, it is best to send us the bank details.

If these are several items or one that is too big for an envelope, send us a message about the contact form - we'll pick it up again with you.

To do this, you have to put it in one (not mandatory our) cardboard - DPD then takes care of everything else.
We carry the postage costs.

At this point again the hint: We do not accept unfree shipments.

We would like to refund your postage costs if the goods value exceeds 40 € or let us pick up the articles - in doubt, we talk to us: we find a solution.

I have to make a change on my order!

Due to our workflows, unfortunately, it is not possible to change a once delivered to "your account".

You can send us a message via the contact form below on the page.
Please note that personalized items or items are created specifically for your specifications and have already been done in any case.

Can I specify a packing station as a delivery address?

We send your shipment in collaboration with DHL.
You can also deposit a packing station as a delivery address for your shipment.

According to status, my order is sent, but she has never arrived with me.

If the status of your order has been on "sent" for several days, but you have not received any goods, please first check the shipment tracking of our shipping service provider DHL: Maybe your package was given in a neighbor?

If this is not the case or you have no sending number, just contact us via the contact side directly to us: We find a solution.

Please note that some of our partners can not provide shipping data available to us.

My delivery is incomplete.

Of course that should not happen!

Please send us a short message about the contact form (at the bottom of the page) and we take care of the problem immediately.

Despite the delivery address specified correctly, my order was not delivered.

Sometimes delivery fails because the data transfer has gone a little bit wrong, sometimes the deliverer does not look at the forest of louder trees.

Please inform us about the problem about the contact form below on the page and we then arrange a renewed delivery. If you have a hint for us who makes it easier for the DPD driver, you can tell us that.

If, in the meantime, delivery to an alternative address be easier (for example, work or grandma), is of course no problem - let's just know where the package should be sent.

How far is my order?

You can view the status of your order at any time when you log in under "My Account".

As soon as we sent your order, you will also get an e-mail in which you will be informed about it and we'll tell you the tracking ID of your package.