Quality & unique products

Bonjour ami!

When we go shopping, we pay attention to the quality and origin of the products in our shopping basket & that's no different with our own items.

Of course, there are statutory warranty obligations for all goods from our shop.

  • We make everything ourselves ... with a lot of love.
    Our products are lovingly handcrafted in our studio in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
  • That means on one side that we can already need a day longer, because whatever you order with us we do not get out of the camp, but make it extra for you.
  • On the other hand, you can be sure that we produce your gift with the highest care and a critical look for all the details. 

Our enthusiasm for everything that is good and beautiful is in our offer: All items are not only beautiful, but also practical & durable.

  • We only use cotton fabrics or high-quality merino felt for our articles.
    Cotton is easy to clean, wash well and comfortable. 
    It does not tear so easily and is a renewable raw material.
  • Felt on the other side is also a natural product (we use only 100% natural wool felt), tear-resistant, dirt and moisture-repellent.